Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday Morning Musings (on Sunday afternoon)

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon because I will be gone all day tomorrow (I will be interrogating, I mean interviewing, licensed ministers who are working toward being ordained) and my computer at home has a broken enter button so I can't do it tonight. Also, my wife is returning from her trip tonight and I don't want to be on the computer ... I want to spend time with her.

Today was less than spectacular, that is a kind way of saying it was a dud. I hate that, and I am doing some major evaluating. Our attendance was the lowest it has been since I don't know when. Weather, travel, and illness all combined killed us today. With the attendance so low the atmosphere was flat. A bright spot was a teen girl who sang a special song and really ministered. I really struggled with starting this sermon. I didn't have a good way to engage everyone at the beginning. The big thought of the message was that God is greater than anything you will face. Dependence on Him is the only way we can live in "Whatever" he wants. The focus is on him, not us.

I was encouraged by some newer people who were in attendance and appear to be connecting with people in the church. Was able to have a good conversation with one of them in particular.

I am off to a youth activity for a couple of hours, then back to teach in our evening gathering and then home to squeeze my much missed wife. Man I am going to look really pale in comparison to her after her 5 days in the sun.

Here's hoping you have someone to squeeze.


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