Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good, yet difficult, day. As I shared in my previous post a tremendous man went to his reward yesterday. I am grieving with and for his family.

We had a great time of discussion in my Sunday School class, I love it when things start to click and people start asking the difficult questions that really matter. In worship we had a small worship band thanks to work and vacations, that had something missing from the sound but not the spirit. We had a reasonable attendance for February. The message was very simple. In our series on "Whatever ... It Takes" I shared that the bottom line is we need to "Put it into Practice". Beyond words, slogans, cliche's and mottos, but actually living it out. Philippians 4:9 tells us that whatever we have heard, seen or learned "put it into practice". It doesn't get much clearer or simpler.

I asked people how their practice was going, and what were the results of their practice. Allen Iverson caught some flack (deservedly so in my opinion) when thought he didn't really need to practice all that much. In a press conference he ridiculed the criticism saying, "practice, practice, we are talking about practice here, not a game, but practice". What Iverson failed to grasp at that point was that you practice so that you can play the game well. Anything gets better with practice, especially practice done the right way.

So how is your practice going?


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