Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making the Call ...

One stressful thing for pastors who live in areas with snow is when to cancel a service. It is highly stressful. There is the decision itself which it tough. Thinking through all the implications etc... For me Sunday mornings are a very rare thing. In 25+ years I believe I have cancelled 3 times and one of those we were under a snow emergency where you were arrested if you were driving. That one was rather easy to make, not automatic because I could walk to church, but still relatively easy. One was last winter and it was a bad day. The other was a few years ago in Missouri when we had an ice storm. I regretted that one, because things started getting better 30 minutes after we cancelled.

That brings me to another of the stress points. When to make the call. You can't wait too long or no one will know in time to stay home. If you call it too early things could dramatically change for the better. You have to make it in time to let people know, contact radio and TV stations and make as many calls and emails as you can, and then you always miss some people.

We cancelled for tonight. It had more to do with how cold it is and is supposed to get than the snow. We have snow, 9 inches over the weekend and another 2 or 3 since yesterday afternoon and it is still snowing. But it is 9 or 10 degrees and dropping. The wind is picking up and after dark it will get colder quickly. We have alot of children and youth who walk to our Wednesday night activities. So we (that means me) cancelled.

Then I always go through the guilt phase. The "I shouldn't have cancelled" or the "I should have cancelled" after the decision is made.

Here's hoping you are somewhere warm and don't have to get out into the winter mess tonight.


At 11:50 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Be just wanted to cancel for the board meeting, didn't you? :^)


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