Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Getting Messed Up ...

One thing that some people probably don't think about in regards to pastors is that whatever they present in a message is not just them telling the congregation something it is the pastor getting it as well. In fact when I share a message with my congregation they hear it that one time, but I have been hearing it all week (sometimes longer) as I have studied and prepared.

So when a message is particularly difficult, realize that your pastor has already been wrestling with it for a while. The latest to really mess with me is message from last Sunday. Started a new series and introduced the theme for this year. "Whatever ..." is the theme, and Sunday's message was on "Whatever ... It Takes". I am discovering that "whatever living" really messes with you. If you are really going for it, it will mess with your schedule, your thoughts, your money, your thoughts and your choices.

I believe wholeheartedly in this message. I know it is of the Lord. I am convinced that it is exactly what we need as a church. I am also convinced, and now convicted, that it is really going to mess things up. Mess them up because too much of the time, I/we live according to my plans instead of God's. Mess with me because now I need to follow through on this theme.

The encouraging thing this week has been that I have heard from 4 different people about how the message either challenged or encouraged them. That is a lot of people to hear from in less than 48 hours, at least it is for me. I mean these were not the sterile "nice job pastor" as they walked out the door. These were specific comments about points of the sermon or comments about how they are not thinking differently. That has me excited, the messing up my schedule and other stuff has me ... well I am not sure what it has me, but it certainly has my attention.

Here's hoping something of God's Word messes with you this week. ( I don't want to be alone.)


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Rob said...

I hate it when God messes with me...but it makes us a whole lot better when He's done, doesn't it?

Keep swinging!


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