Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Musings ...

Yesterday was a good long day. I was still not feeling very well which made the day seem super long. But I made it through the day which is part of the good. It was extremely cold. I don't believe the temperature ever escaped single digits (or is it digit?) and with the strong wind it felt like it was several degrees below zero. Even with all that cold we had good attendance in the morning and a surpringly good turnout for our open house in the evening. There was a good spirit during the service and people were very engaged during the sermon. I wasn't sure I would make it through but I got some help that wasn't me, thanks for your prayers and to the Lord, I was completely wiped out when it was done.

People were really talking with each other and hung around for a long time after the service which is always a good thing to see. I was especially encouraged to see some of our regular men talking with some of the new guys.

We opened our home for a drop in Christmas Open House as a thank you to the congregation. With the weather getting worse as the day went on we didn't know if anyone would venture out but we had a good number come by and there were great conversations taking place all around. My wife did a great job of having good snacks and the house looks great. My daughter helped a lot as well. I love those kind of relaxed times with people where there is no agenda.

After people left out place we went to another family's home for a Christmas party for there Sunday School class. It was a good time, but we left early, got home and crashed.

I am feeling somewhat better, not normal (although normal is a relative term for me) but better. We had to go out of town to visit a couple of people in the hospital today.

Here's hoping you are staying warm and seeing Jesus in Christmas.


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