Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Because ...

Do you remember hearing that as answer to a "why" question? Did it ever satisfy your need to ask the why question? Me neither. I also came to understand that as a parent there were times, very rare, when that really was the best answer because the child could not understand the full explanation.

I confess that I still ask a lot of why questions and that "just because" is still not satifying to me. I have been asking the why question a lot lately. The questions have had to do with church, such as it's programs, schedules, locations and times.

I believe that we need to be continually evaluating things. Evaluating our life, our goals, our relationships, and many other things. The church is immune to this questioning. My questions are often misunderstood as criticisms, when all I am doing is trying to understand and evaluate.

I realize that I cannot understand everything, in truth on some days I feel like I can't understand anything. But I don't want to use my limitations as an excuse to not ask the questions and keep learning. I believe the church is vital in making a difference in our communities and the world. But not if we don't ask why often. We need to be really cautious about giving the "just because" answer too often. I would much rather hear "I don't know why" than to be left "just because".

Here's hoping you are asking questions, searching for answers and learning each day.


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