Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crisis Thoughts ...

Don't panic, there has been no accident or anything like that, but there is still a crisis. It is a crisis of thinking first of all. I mentioned last week that shared with my congregation that I was frustrated with the "normal flow" of church. God has been messing with my heart and my head for quite a while which has created the crisis.

It goes something like this, I don't believe we should keep doing church the way we have been doing church. How is that for a crisis thought? Which means I as a Christ follower (not to mention pastor) can't keep doing things the same old way.

There are needs all around us, all kinds of needs. What are we doing to meet those needs and help the people with the needs? What should we be doing? Part of the answer is that we should be doing a lot more than we are currently doing.

I believe that we do too many things at church that are the already convinced and not nearly enough for others. I believe that we need to be doing more that shows that we are not only following Christ in belief but also in practice. Jesus was among the people, touching people where they lived and where they hurt. How are 4+ services a week following His example?

A crisis, yes it is a crisis of thought. Stay tuned for how this crisis progresses. Oh yeah, your prayers about this crisis are desperately needed and humbly appreciated.


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

Well you may be ready to start reading John Fisher.

He writes:
.....If Christianity is what many of my non-Christian friends are against, then I am not a Christian either, because I find I am against many of the same things they are against. And once we get that out of the way, imagine how exciting this could become as we look to find out what we are for in keeping with the true gospel. We are suddenly in new, fresh territory where God is concerned, and that's where He wants us anyway. No preconceptions. No assumptions. Just discovering Him new, afresh… and discovering Him together. Isn't this the way it's supposed to be anyway?.....

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Matt Bailey said...

Exciting stuff - i'll be praying that God directs you through this "crisis"!


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