Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was cold, at least by mid-November averages. Our time of worship went okay. We didn't have any major technical glitches (there are always some minor ones). My Sunday School class was pretty good as we continued our look at things we sometimes don't handle well in the church. Yesterday we looked at how we teach truth. That is becoming more difficult in our society that seems to view all truth as relative, in other words it depends on the situation. My "no sermon" (see 2 posts previous) went okay. I didn't print an outline like I normally do. There was no powerpoint presentation on the screen, with the exception of one quote that I wanted people to not only hear but see. I called it a message and not a sermon. I am not sure what the difference really is, but I wanted the people to know that this was not the norm. That this message was coming from great concern and even frustration.

The bottom line of the message was that Jesus was among the people. He was aware of the needs and He touched people and their needs. He called the disciples to follow Him and pray for others to follow that example as well in Matthew 9:35-38. Also, in Acts 2:37, after Peter has shared about how the people had just crucified the Messiah. The one they claimed to have been waiting to follow. The people responded. The verse says the people were "cut to the heart". The Greek here means to "pierce thoroughly" or to "agitate violently". When was the last time that God's Word pierced you thoroughly, or agitated you violently? Then the people asked an awesome question, "... what shall we do?"

That is the question that we need to be asking, what shall we do? In light of the needs around us, what shall we do? Jesus' example was to get among the people, touch them and share Jesus with them. To help meet their needs. To love them right where they are and make sure they know that Jesus loves them as well.

A few came to the altar to pray at the end seeking what God would have them do, or repenting for not doing what they already know to do. You see Peter's answer to the question of what shall they do was to repent. To turn from the current direction and action and go the other way.

The comments after were mostly positive. It was an interesting day. Also, we had the highest attendance we have had in months.

Here's hoping you find a way to touch someone's need this week.


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