Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

I am tired this morning, and that is after an extra hour of sleep Saturday night. The past few days have been very long days. There has been something extra every day for the past week, but that is not all that unusual. I guess that means that those things weren't really "extra" things then, were they?

Yesterday was a good day. Our time of singing during worship was very good, people seemed to be engaged and there was a good spirit in the service. We had some first time visitors, who live within sight of the church, that is always exciting. We had a family from the community visit who has a 3 or 4 year daughter who is battling cancer. Our church did a fund raiser for them in the spring and raised over $5,000 to help with their living and travel expenses as they seek treatment for her. She is home for a week between treatments. It was very humbling to have them their, it was also exciting to be able to rejoice and continue to pray for them. Prayer time was extra emotional with them in attendance. I felt like the message time was flat, people didn't seem to really be engaged, but by the volume, and depth, of comments afterward I think they were more engaged than I realized.

I showed a picture of myself and 4 college buddies from last weekend and then preached from Mark 2, where the 4 friends brought their buddy to Jesus to be healed. When they couldn't get in the front door they made a hole in the roof and got in to Jesus. Their friend received forgiveness of sins and was physically healed. I talked about us coming together to support our friend who had recently lost his wife because of a brain tumor. I asked people "What are you holding?" I spoke from this passage about the friends holding their friend and carrying him to Jesus. I pointed out that none of them carried him by themselves that likely they each carried a corner of the mat he was on and that together they carried him. I asked if they would be willing to at least carry a corner for someone.

My Sunday School class was fun, we had some great discussion about doubt. In answer to the question of whether doubt is good or bad, I said yes. It can be both. Good if spurs you to dig, study and come to conclusions about what you believe. Bad if it is used to keep from dealing with questions. Jude 22 says, "Be merciful to those who doubt..." Interesting thoughts and discussion, I really enjoyed it.

Sunday evening I continued our series on "Where did you get your God?". Looking at different images of God and seeking the God of the Bible to see the right image. This time was when people see God as their "Parents Supersized". Some fun, and humbling, thoughts and discussion.

Afterward the church had a time of food and fellowship for Pastor Appreciation. They gave Jody and I a couple of gifts, showed a bunch of pictures of us ministering in the church and community, gave us a card with a nice check in it and then gave us a pile of cards, notes and prayers. The prayers were what people had written on a 3X5 card of their prayers for each of us. Very cool.

Here's hoping you find a way to carry a corner for someone else this week.


At 10:21 PM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

Along with your Sunday school class:

One of my boys came home from college after his freshman year and told me he wasn't sure there was a God.
I said, That's great, but don't stop with the question, find out what you beleive.
Later he had a faith he owned.


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