Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Colors ...

One of the reasons I enjoy living in the upper midwest is the changing of the colors in the fall. It is a gorgeous and invigorating sight when the leaves on trees begin their annual transformation. To drive near wooded areas and see the bigger picture of so many trees and the multitude of colors is a blast. God has created a beautiful picture. If I understand it correctly the colors are determined by what is inside the tree, in other words the type of tree generally dictates what colors will come out. The colors come out when the tree begins to experience the stress of the changing temperatures of fall. I realize that I haven't given a scientific explanation, but I think I have the principle correct.

That got me thinking about us and what comes out of us under stress. What are my colors when stress comes? I am trying to figure out what comes out when faced with stress. How about you? What color comes out in your life when stress comes your way?

Some trees burst forth with beautiful colors, others just kind of turn brown and fall off. I want to be someone who shows great color when stress comes my way.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

I think what comes out under stress changes with age. It depends on who is around as well for me.
I am not as ugly under stress as I used to be but it has to do with lack of energy more than changing by God. Most of my reactions were learned behaviors and unlearning the ones I don't like is not easy.
Not to say following God won't change us, just that he has his hands full with us...me.
I like the change of seasons till the leaves fall off, after that I hate it till spring. Too dark, too cold, too depressing.


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