Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Birthday Girls ...

Tuesday was a day to celebrate the birthdays of 2 of my favorite girls (I have 5. My wife, my 2 daughters, my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter). My wife and my granddaughter. They have shared a birthday for 4 years now. My wife has had that birthday for a few more than my granddaughter. As my wife has said many times our granddaughter was the best birthday gift she ever received. Which makes me feel somewhat sad to think no gift I have ever given her has measure up, but I know what she means.

We made a trip about 3 hours south to celebrate the two together. The younger of the two ladies definitely got more presents and squealed a lot more than the one who has seen a few more birthdays. One of the most entertaining parts of the celebration was that my granddaughter read everyone one of her cards out loud. She is 4 years old mind you, so she didn't read was written on the cards, rather she created a story with each card and read it to us complete with "the end" for each and every card. Clever girl and entertaining girl. Her older brothers and I then played one of the games she got for her birthday while she took grandma into her room to play with a few of her other presents. Don't worry, the birthday girl got to play the game later, both of them played actually.

Birthdays are beautiful reminders of the joy of life and that we need to be ever thankful for each one that we are able to celebrate.

Happy birthday girls!


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