Monday, September 08, 2008

Thank You ...

Wow, just minutes after typing the previous post about distractions I left my office/study on the way to teach my Sunday School class and came across another of those distractions. A task left undone that needed to be done, I put my stuff down and began to take care of the problem, a layperson observing me took over. She said, "Pastor let me do that so you can go focus on what you need to do". Wow!

She has no idea how big her simple statement was to me on what had begun as a difficult morning. It changed my mindset and the rest of the morning went pretty well. That wasn't the last problem I encountered, but it really helped me focus and, as I already mentioned, changed my mindset.

A big thank you to the Lord for the help and to a superstar helper who really made a difference in my day.


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