Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still Searching

Yesterday I was putting on a pair of nylon sweat pants to leave my volleyball practice and noticed that one leg of the pants were dragging and felt heavy. I reached and discovered that something was in between the layers of material and realized that it was my cell phone. There is now a large hole in one of the pockets and I put my cell phone in that pocket as I got to practice. Afterward as I put them back on the phone evidently fell out of the pocket and down the leg between the two layers of material. I quickly surmised that this was not a good situation. One, it made one of the pant legs seem longer than the other. Two, my cell phone was now banging against my shoe with each step. Three, and maybe most important, I concluded that this was not a good place to keep my cell phone if I ever expected to answer it. And you thought I couldn't figure things out on my own!

You are likely glancing back up to the title of this post (provided you kept reading through my fascinating discussion in the previous paragraph) and are now wondering if I am still trying to get my cell phone out of my sweats. No, I have my cell phone out and have used it recently, but I am still in search mode. Not for a phone but for an Associate Pastor.

The one I made an offer to last month decided not to accept and so the search continues. I have had a couple of encouraging conversations recently with a couple of potential candidates. But the fact that I am still searching as school is about to begin means my life is about to get even crazier. I will be doing a majority of the teaching with our youth in their main gathering time for a time, maybe until we have secured an Associate Pastor. I love youth and even enjoy teaching them, but I takes a lot more preparation to really do youth teaching well than it does to work through a Bible Study with adults.

So if you are inclined to pray for me on occasion, I would ask for prayer concerning the search for an Associate and for the teaching of the youth in the interim. I can use your prayers anytime, for about anything but this will be an especially complicated time period.

Here's hoping that are finding what you are searching for and recognizing it when it is found.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Rob said...

I'll be praying...but I think Seth would be a wonderful fill-in there...just me talking...


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