Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Musings...

Another Summer Sunday has passed and it was a good day. God showed up in a powerful way, at least He did for me, while we were worshiping through music. I was deeply moved and impacted by words to the songs and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. I really needed that moment. Our attendance rebounded but was still below this month last year. We have had a lot of people traveling this summer, more than the norm for us.

My son-in-law led worship yesterday and I really enjoyed it. His style is a little different than our norm, but I love change and this is closer to my personal preference so it was good for me. He had to endure some technical glitches liking losing the projector showing him the words to the very first song, he adjusted very well.

The message was the last in our series entitled "Going Beyond". Getting past casual to committed. Moving from a stuck position to an exciting relationship with Jesus Christ. Yesterday looked at Romans 7, with support in chapters 8 and 12. Where Paul writes about the struggle of wanting to do right and not doing it. Want not wanting to wrong but doing it anyway. Then the glorious realization that the solution is found in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. I felt like people were engaged with the message but personally resistant to applying it. But it could have just been Satan attempting to discourage me.

Sunday evening we had a good study on the role of shepherds with some good discussion. Then we had some young adults over for pizza and some games. That was a lot of fun, they are a great group. I was exhausted when the day was over but my mind was racing and I didn't sleep real well.

Looking forward to a great week. What are you looking forward to? Here's hoping you see and experience some greatness this week.


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