Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a very good day in many respects and not so hot in some others. We seemed to have a good spirit in worship in spite of some musical struggles. We didn't seem to have that great sense of expectation that we have experienced recently, it wasn't bad just not at the level we had enjoyed. There was a very strong spirit of openness during our prayer time and even people praying with each other during singing or coming to the altar to pray during worship. We have several people going through some very difficult times personally, with their family or with close friends. That tends to bring a greater urgency to times of prayer.

The message was the second in the series on "Going Beyond", looking to go past casual Christianity, to get past wherever we may be stuck and to see God really use us for His will. This week we looked at Paul and Ananias. Two different places in their journey with Christ in Acts 9, but both heard the Lord call, listened and answered the Lord and then obeyed the call on their lives. This intersection of two so different people in such contrasting spiritual positions changed the world. One of the points that probably hit a lot of people was the fact that Ananias obediently went and prayed for his enemy. I asked the congregation "When was the last time you prayed for your enemy?" Don't tell me you have no enemies.

Our attendance was down and it was down for the month of July. We took a big hit this year in July. This weekend we have a candidate for our Associate Pastor position coming for a visit. I am really praying that we will have clarity on the next step after this weekend.

Here's hoping you are able to go beyond where you are currently in your relationship with Christ.


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