Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road Trip

This morning I said goodbye to my Associate Pastor. Their truck is loaded and they are about to pull out heading toward their new ministry position. As I have stated previously I/we will really miss him, his wife and 1 year old daughter. They did a very good job of ministry while they were with us, they are quality people and I really hated to see them leave.

In about an hour my wife and I are leaving for a road trip of our own. We will be traveling to interview at least 2 candidates for our Associate Pastor position with emphasis on youth ministry. I have processed over a dozen resumes and am now beginning to go deeper with a few of them. This is a very important process.

I am looking forward to interacting face to face with these people. A resume' is helpful, phone calls are enlightening, but face to face is often the clincher. You get to read body language, and if married their interaction with their spouse. It also let's them see me, which can be a deterrent, that is why I bring my wife along she balances me out. Also, my wife is an important part of this process. She is watching closely as I interview, she participates and her insights are very valuable to me.

I am also looking forward to being away for a couple of days with my wife. Yes we will be driving 800 plus miles and interviewing people we have never met. But, we will have time together as we travel and at night. We have been very busy for the past several weeks and are in near desperate need of a vacation. While this is not a vacation, it is a change of pace and it is away.

Here's to a safe, positive and successful road trip.


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