Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday turned out to be a very good day. Our morning worship was in the downtown park and was a part of our local town weekend Festival. The weather was threatening all morning. It began sprinkling while our worship band and team were practicing. One of the songs we sang was "Holy Spirit Rain Down" and our worship leader said we this was not to be prophetic. Right as the service began it was still sprinkling and it was very cool for the end of June. Many people were wearing jackets or were wrapped in blankets. I was in shorts and sandals, the last 2 years it was blistering hot for this service. But just after we began worshiping it stopped raining and didn't rain another drop until after the service was done. How cool was that?

The weather hurt the attendance some, but it was still a good crowd all things considered. There was a remarkably good spirit for that type of setting. Our band and worship did a very good job musically and in the spirit in which they ministered. My message was from Numbers 13-14 when the Israelites went to assess and report on the promised land. 10 of the 12 who went focused on the obstacles and recommended no trying to take the land even though God had already promised them the land. Caleb and Joshua were the only ones to say they should, and could, do it because God had promised. The people voted not to go and suffered greatly as a result.

The question they faced was whether to "Give up or Go up". It is the same question we all still face today. Whether to go up and do whatever God is giving us to do or to give up and go back to our own ways. The challenge was to consider what they are currently doing with God is offering them. Are you giving up or going up?

The message seemed to be well received, I went about 17 minutes, that was a little longer than I intended. Thanks to those who prayed for me and to those who prayed after the fact for the impact on people's hearts and minds.

Sunday evening was a fun discussion on the summer topic of shepherding. It is going to be an interesting summer on Sunday evenings.

Here's hoping that you are going up!


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