Saturday, June 21, 2008

Updates ...

I thought I would give you some updates on a few things I have mentioned in previous posts.

My wife went to spend some time with her sister earlier this week. The reason was that her sister had what was reported to be a significant heart attack over the weekend. Her sister is doing better and has been transferred to a rehab section of the hospital and is working to be able to return home. Thanks for your prayers and though she is in a different position she is still in need of prayer.

My wife
She made the 6-7 hour trip on Monday to spend time with her sister and niece and nephews. She arrived there tired but safe. She got to spend some real quality time with her sister and especially with her niece and one of her nephews. The other nephew had to leave town for a conference. She returned home Friday night, again tired but safe. I am so glad she was able to spend that time with her family, her brother came for a couple of days. But I am really glad she is home. I really missed her.

The Fall
I am still feeling the effects of the Father's Day fall. I am also getting virtually no sympathy. But it feels somewhat better, until I lift something or lay on that side.

Families that lost children in the fire
Please continue to pray for these two families. The family whose house burned are facing an especially difficult day tomorrow. Tomorrow would have been their son's birthday. So I am asking you to join me in remembering them with extra prayer tomorrow.

My Associate Pastor
He is approaching his last week with us. A week from tomorrow will be his last Sunday here. We will miss him greatly. I am having to change some of my summer plans as a result of this move. Pray for he and his family in their move and for me as I pursue finding the right person to join our ministry team.

Here's hoping you have a great day tomorrow and that you recognize God's love in a special way.


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