Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday Musings on Wednesday!?!

Sorry about the delay in my Monday Musings. Monday was a bit crazy. My wife left to go check on her sister who we believe had a heart attack. She lives 6 or 7 hours away. My wife debated the trip for a while then decided Monday morning that she really needed to go. As a result Monday kind of slipped away from me. In fact I didn't realize that I didn't do a Monday post until I went to do another post just a few minutes ago. Her sister is doing better, but is still in the hospital. Your prayers are appreciated.

Sunday was a very good day for us. We had our worship in the local town park. The weather was nearly perfect. We had a band with a couple of young men from our church in it lead the music. They are a crossover type of band playing a style that reaches young adults, they are invited to play at a lot of different venues including some clubs and are well received. While in these "non-Christian" environments they are able to share their message through some of their music without beating people over the head with it. They gave us a different flavor for our worship and being outdoors at a park attracted some attention. We had a baby dedication was really cool to do outdoors. This is a couple whose wedding I have done since I have been here, in fact I coached volleyball with the mom, so I had a lot of connection to them. Then my wife and I finished the series on healthy relationships. Following the service (which was less than an hour) we had our "manly BBQ" (see previous post) and a fun game of whiffleball.

Things went well with sound and setup. We had a very good attendance, many of them came for the baby dedication. There were several unchurched people in attendance which the goal of the day. The message seemed to go well. The theme was on being strong in our relationships with some emphasis on the men being Godly men. My wife focused on being imitators of God and on the men in her life, her Dad, her brother, myself, our son and son in law. Unfortunately we were unable to record the message in that setting. The feedback on the message has been very meaningful. The BBQ was great, the only complaint was that about half in attendance didn't stay for the meal. Many had their own Father's Day meals planned.

I was blessed to hear from all of my kids, and our oldest daughter was even here. I got some pictures of some of my grandkids, a nice shirt and a very nice card. I had a nice conversation with my Dad as well.

Here's hoping that my sister in law recovers well, that my wife is able to minister to them and arrives home safely from her trip. Here's hoping that your relationships are healthy and growing. Here's hoping that you realize how loved you are by the Lord.


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