Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Sunday was the end of a long holiday weekend that began on Wednesday or Thursday for many people. As a result we had many people gone and therefore many people doing things that they don't always do. We were missing half of our worship band and worship team. My wife filled in as the Worship leader something she has done often, but prefers not to do, especially with half of the band missing. Of our 11 Sunday School classes we had 3 of our regular teachers, that includes me. You get the idea. With all of that being said I believe that we had a very good service. The spirit was good, which is a real credit to those leading for setting a great example. The message was so-so. I struggled all week coming to the conclusion of what to preach.

The message asked 2 questions: "What are you searching for? and Where are you searching?" The 2 questions go hand in hand. What you are searching for should determine where you search. Also, where you are searching says something about what you are searching for as well. Luke 24:1-6, normally used just during Easter. Where some of the ladies following Jesus came to his tomb to finish preparing the body with all of the normal spices, only to discover the body was gone. They are asked a famous question, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" My prayer is that the people will keep processing the 2 questions, and the rest of the message, all week long. I think the questions and the thought worked, though I wasn't excited by how I delivered it. Some of my struggle was that size of the crowd. Our congregation is a somewhat passive group normally, so take away nearly 40% of the group and that made for a very passive group. I struggle at times when the group is so passive, I watch for reactions and it encourages me when I can see and hear that people are into the message.

It as still a good day and I was pleased with the overall result of the day. It was fun to have a couple of relatives pop in on their way through our area. I hadn't seen them for more than a year so that was good, also they provided a couple more bodies on a very low Sunday.

Here's hoping you know what you are searching for and where you should be searching. Happy hunting!


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

Timely questions for me as we search for the place we belong. One of the places I have found encouraging in my search is your blog.
You are open and honest and I still miss hearing you speak.


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