Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good First One ...

My wife and I finished the first of the planned interviews on our road trip (see previous post) a little while ago. It went very well. This was an impressive young man and woman. These can be rather awkward moments. Meeting someone for the first time and sharing a meal together and then asking and answering questions that could influence your future.

I don't usually give too much information ahead of time to the persons I am meeting with because part of the evaluation is seeing how they handle themselves in the situation, not just the words they use to answer the questions. In fact some of the questions are not that important, but watching their thought process, reaction and response are very important. I don't leave them dangling, I work hard to make them comfortable while I observe all of this.

I am encouraged after the interview tonight and excited about the one scheduled for tomorrow. Fortunately we don't have to hurry out of here to make it to the next appointment. I spotted a Panera Bread and a Cracker Barrel nearby so I think we will likely skip the hotel breakfast offerings. I didn't enjoy the drive, I did enjoy the time of talking with my wife and I did enjoy the interview.

Thanks for your prayers and interest. Keep up the prayers this is really important.


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