Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another Good One ...

Today my wife and I met with another couple and interviewed them about our Associate Pastor position. This was another good interview. These are two quality people that we met with again today. This means that I have at least 2 quality candidates for the position. I have at least one other one that want to speak with and then I will really spend time trying to discern which of these people I will focus on.

This is an urgent search but I refuse to be in a hurry. Don't get me wrong, if it becomes obvious quickly then I will move on it right away, but I don't want to rush to a wrong decision.

So my wife and I are now in the process of listing the observations of both of them and our impressions. I gotta say not much negative. Great to realize there are good people available and some of them are interested in our little slice of the world.

Thanks for the prayers, keep them coming.


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