Sunday, August 10, 2008


It happened again today. It happens every once in a while. I hate it every time it happens, but it happened. No, it was not someone falling asleep (that happens every Sunday morning). No, I didn't forget my notes (that happened once when I was speaking out of town). No, my zipper wasn't open ( that happened once). No, I didn't forget someone's name (that has happened...let's just say it has happened and leave it at that). What happened is that I printed the wrong scripture reference in my sermon outline and I kept repeating it all through the sermon. I read the correct one, but printed and said the wrong one. I kept saying Acts 12:19-26 but I meant Acts 11:19-26, I even read Acts 11:19-26.

I guess it is just another reminder to my congregation that I need grace, or it is just a reminder that I screw up at times. Either way a lesson can be learned. At least that is how I am choosing to view the incident.

Here's hoping you say what you mean.


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