Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Interesting day, actually weekend, was experienced. This weekend my wife, and 11 other ladies went to a conference about 4 hours away. 2 of those were my daughters. That left myself, my son-in-law and youngest grandson at home (maybe I will post on that experience later). Also, on Saturday afternoon a candidate for our Associate Pastor position came in for a visit and overnight stay. Then of course we had church Sunday morning and began our Bible School on Sunday evening.

As for the ladies conference it sounds like it was good, maybe not a home run but still good. The bad part for them was that our church van evidently is having some suspension problems which made for an interesting drive there and back. "Interesting" was my word the words used by the ladies was much more descriptive.

The visit with the Associate Pastor candidate went well, at least from my end. I was impressed with them and really like them. The meet and greet time with some of our leaders, parents and youth went well and people seemed favorably impressed. Sunday morning their time in the youth Sunday School class went well and at least one youth said I should hire him. Our people seemed to respond well to them after the worship service. Now we pray some more and wait.

Worship went okay. We had a couple of glitches, those always bother me more than anyone else. There was a good spirit and okay attendance for the first Sunday in August. I was not pleased with my sermon but I am enjoying this series on "Going Beyond". My Son-in-law sang and did a great job, though he wasn't satisfied with it, maybe we are a lot a like on how we evaluate ourselves. The message dealt with Lazarus, his sisters and friends from John 11:1-44. Key points were the need to remove obstacles that have us stuck, obedience even with doubts and questions of God, responding to God's call (that one keeps showing up doesn't it?) and being loosed from whatever has us bound.

Our Bible School kicked off okay. We are doing a sports camp type thing again this year, the first week is basketball and the second one will be cheerleading. Our numbers were near where they were last year and we had a nearly even mix of boys and girls. I am helping as a "huddle coach" and am already burdened for the 7 boys in my group. I enjoy coaching so I really got into right away and enjoyed our times to talk about the lessons being taught as well.

Here's to a week. How is that for a creative finish?


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