Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back at it ...

I began my second year of coaching volleyball on Monday evening of this week. I really enjoy coaching. Every time that I agree to coach I always grumble a bit as it begins kind of asking what I have gotten myself into, but then I always enjoy it. It is so exciting to see someone improve at something. It is thrilling to see some of those "ah ha..." moments where they suddenly get it. It is humbling to see those moments of sheer joy when things all come together for an individual or a team. It is also good to have those teaching moments about life in both good and bad moments throughout the season.

This is a real challenge this year. Last year was my first year ever coaching volleyball. So my learning curve was very steep. But I coached the Junior Varsity at our high school and the varsity coach was a veteran, so I followed her lead. I learned a lot and enjoyed most of it. This year she decided not to continue coaching after having her first child. I was asked about taking the Varsity position, my answer was that I would prefer to coach the Junior Varsity, but that if they needed me to I would coach the Varsity with much fear and trepidation. So here I am, with much fear and trepidation. Then 2 girls I was really counting on are not playing this year. One is not eligible and the other decided to play a different sport. Ouch!!!

My youngest daughter will be the Junior Varsity coach and my son-in-law will be helping. Our first week of practices have begun. I have doubled the length of the first two weeks of practices. So there have been a lot of groans, I actually like hearing those. But I really believe it will pay off in the long run. So doing my think all day, then long practice in the evening and last night I then had a church board meeting after that practice.

I will give you some periodic updates as the season progresses. If you are so inclined I would appreciate a prayer or two for the opportunity I have and that I will handle the extra time well.


At 9:20 PM, Blogger Amy said...

We have some lovely friends who are in ministry who have three sons, and a one daughter. I will send them the link to your blog.

Allen, an associate pastor, is on the verge of blogging.


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