Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random Thoughts ...

*I had a great day on Monday with all the kids and grandkids around. I made pancakes for the grandkids (a tradition they insist on and I enjoy). We took a trip to the town park where we played on the equipment, played tag (the grandkids can get through small spaces that I cannot it wasn't fair), the men played a game tossing a tennis ball whiling swinging on the park swings (we need practice) and my wife and I enjoyed a nice walk home with one of our grandkids (we didn't have to speak many words he covered the time of the walk all by himself). I grilled hot dogs and hamburgers which we all enjoyed. My son-in-law and I opened presents for our birthdays. We enjoyed birthday cake and ice cream and then we had a family kickball game in the backyard.

*I had a physical yesterday. Yuck! It was overdue and I still have a few more tests to complete. My doctor is a goo guy but some things just can't be any fun.

*Survived teaching the youth last night and I think they survived as well.

*Still searching for an Associate Pastor, one name that was high on my list just accepted another position before I could get that far into discussions with him. Bummer!

*My volleyball team has another doubleheader tonight. This team will be much tougher than the one we beat last week.

*An elderly gentleman that visit regularly informed me today that he has to have his other leg amputated soon. Wow! The first surgery was less than a year ago. Our prayer time was a little more focused and intense today.

*I love my wife. After 33 years she still makes my heart flutter.

*Did you know that Christmas is just 112 days away? (Okay, raise your hand if you went to a calendar and counted the days yourself. I knew it.)

*I am excited to get rolling at church now that summer is over. We had a tough summer with a lot people traveling and not much continuity. Without an Associate Pastor in place I didn't have the opportunity to get away for some vacation myself.

*I need to get back to sermon study.


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