Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

By the end of the day I was beat. The day went well, but was very busy and I had coached volleyball matches 3 days in a row before yesterday with the matches on Saturday getting added to the schedule after the season started. My voice was a bit hoarse from coaching, teaching and preaching. I felt like we had some good discussion in my Sunday School class. That is always encouraging heading into worship. Our normal worship leader is out for several weeks with upcoming back surgery, so my wife led worship. She always does well and I thought she did exceptionally well yesterday. She really helped set the tone for the service. People seemed to engage early in the service, I hope that last Sunday's flat atmosphere was just a holiday weekend.

I began a series on the foundation of the church and began with "The Church as Community". Dealing with the benefits and responsibilities of being in community. There was a good atmosphere and people seemed to be connected throughout the message. Our attendance bounced back from our summer slump and that was with several "regulars" still missing. (Pastor's are almost never satisfied are they?) We had outstanding attendance for our evening study. (Okay we are satisfied sometimes.) It was a fun time of discussion as we started a series on people's images of God contrasted with the truth of the Bible.

Here's hoping that you see God for who he really is this week. God is love, my prayer is that you live in the joy of that love and share it with people this week.


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