Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Musings ...

It is late on Monday night as I write this post for what is normally my Monday Morning Musings. But today was pretty much non-stop from the morning through the evening. I left for an out of town hospital as one of my parishioners had surgery. I got back to the church about 1:30 pm and it was pretty much non-stop visits and calls until I left for volleyball practice. I left volleyball practice early to go and pick up the food for a banquet for a local service club of which I am a member. I got back from the food run about 5:50 for the 6:30 banquet. I helped my wife finish setting up (still in my volleyball practice gear). My wife had worked on this for a few hours already (Did I mention that my wife is awesome?). The first people arrived to find me still in my volleyball practice stuff, I made a quick exit to change and the finished setting up while greeting people. Had the banquet, it went well and the food was awesome. Then cleaned up after the banquet. Finally getting home about 9 pm. I ate some of the leftovers from the banquet, watched a little TV and now here I am writing this post.

As for yesterday, Sunday was a pretty good day in spite of many technical glitches. We had problems with lights and sound throughout worship. People did a nice job of adjusting. It took a while but there was a good spirit and atmosphere in the service. My wife led worship again (Did I mention that my wife is awesome?) and did a great job. We had a wonderful time of prayer during the service. The message went well and I surprised some by finishing somewhat earlier than expected. I love to keep people guessing. The attendance stayed in that normal range, which after a tough summer, felt really good. The message was about us being the body of Christ and how that applies to us personally and together as the church. How we must work together, with each one doing their part, for the body to function as it is designed to function. That it is difficult to fulfill our call when we have to adjust for missing parts, or parts that refuse to serve.

The Lord really helped me focus after some struggles earlier in the morning. I believe we (our church) is getting closer to being the body of Christ to our community, but we have a ways to go. The good news is we are progressing in this area and it seems more people are beginning to step up and be the body. We are beginning to recognize more and more needs around us.

Here's to you recognizing your part in the body. Here's to the church really being the body, reaching, serving, healing, helping, loving and impacting our communities for Christ.


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