Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Wow, I didn't realize that I had not posted anything since last Monday's musings, for the 3 of you who care, sorry about that, for the rest of you...well I guess it doesn't matter.

Yesterday had some great moments. Our church once again served the community by making and serving breakfast for all the runners, walkers and workers for a fund raising race on Sunday morning. We had many who walked or ran in the race and several who took care of the breakfast, we also took care of a water station for the runners. We served the over 200 people who were a part of the race. The race raises money to fund some college scholarships for our local high school. This meant that the runners and workers could not be at the church during our regular Sunday School time, but they were learning as much by serving.

We had a very good worship service. The time of singing in worship was outstanding. My son-in-law led and had the full band with him this time. There was great energy in the room. The words of the songs were powerful and really fit many circumstances of our people. The message seemed to go well and people were following, or at least it seemed that way to me. We continued our series on the church, and looked at the fact that the church is built on Christ and that He chooses to then built it with people. Then we examined His role and our roles in being the church.

Last night we had a great time of discussion continuing our study on "Where Did You Get Your God?". Looking at different images people have of God, why they have these images and what is the truth that contrasts these images. I love C.S. Lewis' quote on this that says, "I don't want my image of God, I want God."

We had good, not great attendance in the morning and fair attendance in the evening.

Here's hoping you see God this week.


At 2:10 PM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

I kept going back all week to get some tidbit and I decided you must have had a busy week.
See if you can give us a little more this week, okay?
I know I don't pay much for it but it is nice to read your thoughts.
I am sure you have wondered what a liberal like likes about your writings but what I have always liked about you is your desire to connect with those outside the church.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger kris said...

I am sure that you underestimate the number of people who check your blog to pick your brain. I am sincerely disappointed that I did not get a shout out for my second place finish and for mom's third place medal!


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