Saturday, September 27, 2008

Important Ingredient ...

In recent weeks I have been very aware of a key principle in life. That your attitude really makes a difference in what you accomplish, how you feel and in your relationships. The two areas where I have noticed this the most is in my home and with my the volleyball team that I coach.

At home, my youngest grandchild, an 18 month old boy of boundless energy is teaching me much about the power of attitude. He wakes up smiling, keeps smiling most of the day and even heads to naps and bedtime smiling. Oh, he gets upset periodically but he gets over it within seconds it seems. His smiling ways influences me. Watching, and interacting, with him makes me smile and just plain feel better.

With volleyball I have noticed that when my girls get down on themselves they don't play well. When they keep their attitudes up and encourage each other their play is elevated. There is a direct correlation between their attitude and their play. Also, when one gets down it can soon bring others on the team down as well. Maybe I need to have my grandson beside me as an assistant coach. I think his smile would do more than my words in attempting to change attitudes. Don't misunderstand, I have a great group of girls to coach. For the most part they are upbeat and have fun. But they can get down, and when they do they do not play as well.

All of this got me to thinking about myself and my walk as a follower of Christ. How is my attitude? What do others see, and sense, about my attitude? Am I causing others to smile and feel better, or am I lowering my level of play and causing others to get down as well?

Many years ago I heard John Maxwell say that "your attitude will determine your altitude". I am more aware than ever of how true that is in life.

Lord help my attitude. Help me to lift the attitude of others.


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