Sunday, October 05, 2008

Which came first ...

Regarding my previous post, I have received some great thoughts and advice in comments and emails. I am processing everything and still wrestling with some stuff in regards to these burdens. But a question that had been bouncing around in my mind (believe me there is a lot of open space in which to bounce) is "Which came first?" Did the burden come first followed by the frustration? Or, did the frustration come first and turn into a burden?

What do you think? How has it happened with you?

For me, I think it has happened both ways, either that or I am being unduly influenced by politicians and there straddling of the fences. I believe I have some issues where I was burdened first and some where I was frustrated first. Or maybe I am just losing what is left of my mind.

Have an awesome Sunday!


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

For me I would say the burden comes first. I never worried about my kids till I had them.
I never stood for equal rights till I saw injustice.
I never cared for those outside of Christ until I saw them as lost.
The frustration comes when I have no control, or when I am considered the voice of Satan buy my pastor, or when, well lots of things cause frustration.
We just do what we can, make a difference where we can and let God handle the rest.


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