Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Wow, I really stink at this blogging thing lately.

Yesterday was a confusing day. My Sunday School class didn't go as I expected and our overall Sunday School attendance was down. The worship service went okay. We are still having different worship leaders each week until our regular leader is able to return from his back surgery. This creates some issues each week, nothing big, just different. Our fill-in leaders have done a great job and the fact that we have a few people who are capable of stepping in is a tremendous blessing. I realize that many churches do not have this ability and I am very grateful for our abundance in this area.

Just looked outside and saw that the power company is setting up to work on an electrical pole in our parking lot. Don't know what is going on, maybe I will lose power before I finish this post.

People seemed to participate okay during the congregational part of the music. We had several people who had to leave before the service was over because of work or other commitments. The spirit in the service was okay. People seemed to follow along during the message, but I can't say that I felt they were fully engaged as they were a week ago. We had many regulars absent and still had a reasonable attendance. We had some people there who had not been to a service quite some time. That was encouraging. The message asked the question, "Living by Faith, or Fear?" We examined our memories in this area. We looked at what a life controlled by fear looks like and how a life controlled by faith is lived. Then we came back to the question of which you choose to be controlled by, faith or fear?

We had a good time of discussion in the evening. We have been doing a study entitled "Where did you get your god?" We have been looking at popular images of God and then contrasting that with the truth of the Bible. This has led to some interesting conversations around the tables. Last night we looked at the controlling image for many people of an "all you can eat buffet god". This is where people take what they like from many belief systems and discard what they don't like to come up with a god that fits what they like. It was a very interesting time.

The power didn't go out and made it through the post. I will try post a little more often this week. Have a great week and find someone to encourage.


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