Sunday, November 16, 2008

Special Gift

I have received some neat gifts throughout my life. As a pastor I have had some interesting and meaningful gifts. Specially engraved pens, nameplates, a tree, and many other things. But this week I got a unique and special one that made me smile, laugh and feel great. It was a box of M & M's. Not your grocery store shelf variety, and not even the Costco or Sam's Club over sized type. This box came delivered by UPS. It was a more like a 5 pound box.

Now it was not the size of the box that made this box special, though that was pretty amazing. When I opened the box I saw that these were special ordered M & M's. Half of them had my name printed on the side opposite the M & M insignia and the other half of them had the words "Keep Swinging".

As soon as I saw the words "Keep Swinging" I knew who had sent them. A good friend, former parishioner, had sent them. That is his phrase to me. It is a phrase of encouragement. He uses it often when writing to me. The M & M's came at a special time and they really did encourage me. They made me smile and laugh. Those near me when I opened it didn't understand, but I didn't care because I knew that a good friend had picked me up.

The M & M's taste great, but the message of them is even better. Thanks buddy, I needed that and I am continuing to swing with all I that is in me. May you be blessed for all the encouraging you do.

Here's hoping you find the opportunity to encourage someone this week.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger mncgirlfriends said...

Pastor's wife says "thanks" too. It was a real encouragement!!! And he even shares them with his family.


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