Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a difficult day. My wife was gone, that always messes with me. I gain a lot of confidence from knowing she is present. She was watching 4 of our grandkids so their parents could a attend an awesome ministry conference. I am glad she could get away, glad for the time she got to spend with grandkids and glad she could help our son and daughter-in-law attend a great conference. But I still missed her. She does a lot of things on Sundays that most people are not aware of, some of that I tried to pick up, some others helped and some things didn't get done.

Our music was not smooth yesterday, not one particular reason, it just wasn't smooth. My message was not smooth either, that one is on me alone. The message was on being Thankful and remembering that for which we should be thankful. II Timothy 2:1-13 was the passage we examined as Paul reminded Timothy of many things. He started with Grace. That is always a great place to start. Paul told Timothy to "be strong in the grace". What a great admonition! I need to be stronger in that grace. Being thankful for it, living it, sharing it and just being grace filled.

Our attendance was way down, a lot of people were gone and it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet. Sunday evening we dismissed so we could participate in a Community Thanksgiving Service. This is an annual event in our community. It was poorly attended by the community and by people from my church. I think people are voting that it is no longer a priority for them. Just a thought.

Looking forward to today as a former staff minister from another ministry comes to talk about his new church plant. It will be good to see him and to hear about this exciting ministry.

Here's hoping you experience grace this week. (Hint: share it and you are more likely to experience it.)


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