Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Birds, Birds and Birds ...

Saturday some men from my church had a pheasant hunt. We actually had 3 different kinds of birds that we hunted. We got 22 of them. It was very cold, windy and snowing, so I think we did pretty well. Then we came back to my house. Some of the guys cleaned the birds and a couple of others cooked them. They tasted wonderful. We watched some football while we ate, but mostly we had a great time talking while we stuffed ourselves.

I had the opportunity to have some good conversations especially while we were out in the field. All in all it was a very good day. I will confess that the kitchen did smell like pheasant for a few hours. Also, my wife insists that we need a new cutting board. So I guess I have a cutting board that is now dedicated to wild game.

One of the things we are trying to do is get people to connect to each other. Whether it is through hunting, playing games, shopping, cooking, playing basketball, or whatever other interests it might be we want people to get connected. We want people to develop friendships. We want people to have safe places. We are not perfect and we need to make sure we admit that and let others know it and that it is okay for them to admit it as well. Then we are in a position to help each other.

Friendships don't happen by having service, after service, after service. But rather by spending time doing together where we can interact and share our fears, doubts, joys and strengths. We need to have times of corporate worship, or services though likely not as many as we currently do, but we have to go beyond putting on services and actually serving each other. We need to get to know each other so we can serve each other where people have real needs.

Sometimes that is


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