Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. It was not because of the weather, that was actually a bit nasty for Nov. 30. It was because of some great discussions and seeing some relatively new people becoming a regular part of the family. Our musical part of worship went well and that was without a key band member and missing a key voice on the worship team. The message went fairly well, nothing great, but the new Christmas series on "The Gifts of Christmas" was at least introduced. Yesterday's focus was on the search for the gift. Using Matthew 2:1-12, we looked at the commitment of the Wise Men, at the fact that they were paying attention as they searched, that they planned to give and that finding Jesus ignited their worship. What are you committed to finding? What are you searching for? What ignites your worship?

My Sunday School class continued to examine how we should respond to sin. How we should respond to sin in other people's lives and in our life. What can we do differently to make a difference in this area? We often don't do well at helping restore people who have sinned, nor at helping to keep each other from sinning. There has been a lot of personal reflection as we have examined this vital area.

Sunday night we had a great meaningful time of examination and discussion on fairness and grace. Looking at Matthew 20:1-16 we looked at how God is not fair, He is gracious instead. Then examined how we do in this area. This is a tough one. When things don't go according to our "fairness meter" we often throw out grace and get upset. Ignoring how God has been so gracious to us, we demand that God treat others as they deserve and call it fairness. Forgetting the heart of God. That He is neither fair nor unfair, He is gracious. That doesn't mean there is no justice, but that is up to Him and not us. How gracious are you in response to others? Especially when they don't match up to your "fairness meter"?

We also had a second visit from a prospective Associate Pastor candidate. That added some unique flavor to the day.

Here's hoping you are searching for Jesus and committed to the search and the giving. Here's hoping that you recognize God's grace in your life and look to live that grace in other's lives.


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