Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a very positive day in many areas. We had our worship center all set up for our Christmas Musical Dessert Theatre that would take place in the evening. So we worshipped around tables, which changes the dynamics, but it went very well. the spirit seemed good people participated in the time of singing in worship. We had some technical glitches, but that is nothing new. The message went much better in the service than it did when I tried it by myself. Thanks to those who were praying.

We had good attendance, and I wasn't expecting that given who I knew would be gone. We have had some really good contacts that have attended recently and have returned a few times. That is really encouraging.

The burdens that I posted about Saturday night lifted some on Sunday. Part of the lifting came in a very unexpected way. I will post about that separately later.

In the evening we had our Christmas Musical and Dessert Theatre. People really came through in decorating, the place looked great. We had an abundance of great desserts, many people were very generous in this area. The dramas and music were very good. The message was clear. The attendance was not what I was hoping for, but it was still good and we had some great contacts once again. There was a good crew of people who stayed and helped clean the place up. That was encouraging.

Yesterday was a very long day, but very encouraging as well. I am tired today, and it is a very full day. Such is the Christmas season.

Here's hoping you will enjoy the greatest gift in Jesus Christ. Here's hoping you will pass the gift along to others. Here's hoping that will bless someone in need this week.


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