Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ouch ...

This week has not gone as planned. First there were a lot of interruptions early in the week. That really shouldn't shake me up as that happens enough that I should just plan for the interruptions, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun to complain about if I planned for them. Second, I got sick. In fact I am still not feeling well, however I am feeling so much better than I did that I am fooling myself into thinking that I am well. (did you get that?) I started feeling lousy Tuesday night and by Wednesday night was feeling downright awful. However, was hosting a meeting of pastors from a large area on Thursday morning, so I came in and did my thing. About 1pm on Thursday I went home to lay down for an hour or so, I finally got up this morning. Mainly because I was helping deliver food boxes and presents to several families who need some help this Christmas. I am still upright and attempting to wrap up my sermon for tomorrow.

The ouch in the title of this blog comes for a few sources. First I took a tumble that included a complete tuck and roll on Monday morning. This took place while collecting the gifts that were delivered this morning. My fall was a thing of beauty. I tripped and before doing the complete tuck and roll I laid the presents I was carrying on ground so as not to harm either of them before crashing to the frozen sod. Later that day I was tracing the problem with some Christmas lights at church and while I bent to inspect a plug my forehead crashed into a 2x4 that was a part of a large manger scene. Upon finding the light problem and after fixing said problem I then stood up to once again crash into the aforementioned 2x4, only this time the edge of it crashed into the folically challenged top of my head. This created a bleeding gash where my lack of hair could not hide it from people's view. Then there was the sickness in which my throat hurt with each swallow and my body ached just lying in bed.

All in all the week was not what I had in mind.

Here's hoping your week has gone better, or that at least my week has made you feel as in a "at least that didn't happen to me" kind of way.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Matt Bailey said...

whoa - sounds painful! praying that your sunday goes well!


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