Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am sitting here at the computer listening to my wife and kids (that includes my kids-in-law) playing a game called "Like Minds". (they need an even number for the game so I voluteered to sit this one out) My grandkids have all laid down for the night, but according to the noises I hear they are not all asleep. The noises are a great reminder of a great day. We were all able to be together to celebrate Christmas. That is a true blessing.

We had a late leisurely breakfast this morning with my wife, my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter, son-in-law and youngest grandson. We then exchanged presents and enjoyed the reactions. My 21 month old grandson stole the show.

A little before 1pm my son, daughter-in-law and 4 other grandkids arrived. The energy in the house certainly picked up. We played some games, and then just before we enjoyed a great Christmas dinner we exchanged presents. I got everything I hoped for and much more, my family all together, a new coffee mug with family pictures on it, pictures of the family, some reading material, a new sweater and I will be getting a video of my 3 oldest grandkids playing Upwards basketball with interviews after their games. How cool was my haul?

This Christmas season has been very busy, I visited 3 people in the hospital for some serious stuff just this week. I have been reminded often of how important it is to remember the real reason for the season. This year I had the opportunity to be involved in many people's lives who were in real need.

This has been a very challenging Christmas personally, but a very rewarding Christmas both personally and in my role as pastor.

Here's hoping you got something you needed and wanted. Here's hoping you have someone


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