Friday, December 26, 2008

Great Day ...

Today was a fun day. I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast for the grandkids and a couple of adults who were awake. My wife and I took our oldest grandchild to replace a gift that had not worked. The trip to the mall was a bit slow with the ice on the roads on the way there, but regular speek coming home. We were able to replace the non-working gift with one that appears to be working and have more features than the first one, so he is very pleased. We had a lazy afternoon, of games (including video where my grandsons destroyed me) and even a brief nap. We had a nice dinner and played an all family game of Guesstures.

In the late afternoon my daughters and daughter-in-law decided to recreate the "Electric Slide". Unbeknownst to them I set up a video camera that a couple from church gave us for Christmas. It is very small and was not noticed until they were finishing the slide. I now have ample leverage with which to threaten these ladies. Because it wouldn't be that difficult to set it up as video for my blog readers to watch.

We played a couple of games after the grandkids went to bed and they are playing a game of 6 handed Rook as I type this post. What a great day. With family, all safe, good food, much laughter, lots of fun and some incriminating video to top it all off.

So how was your day? Here's hoping you find the time to share some good times with people you are about.


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