Thursday, January 08, 2009

What Would You Ask?

Last night as I was leading our youth (that's right still no Associate Pastor so they are still stuck with me) I asked them to write down any question they would like me to address. I told them that it could be about anything, God, life, Bible, culture, why the Cubs are the greatest team to root for, anything they wanted.

So what would you have asked?

Then next week they will begin to vote on the top 5-10 questions and I will begin a series and attempt to answer the questions. I told them that I would address most of them on our normal Youth night (Wednesday) but that I would also take a couple of them and answer them in a Sunday morning message. So that on those Sundays the message would be all about the youth.

So what would you have asked?

I got several last night and told them they could email others to me throughout the week. There were some really good questions. I am going to have to do some real digging to answer a couple of the questions.

So what would you have asked?

Youth today are facing a more issues, and therefore questions, than youth were facing when I was a teen. They are facing a lot more issues than youth were 10-15 years ago. I wanted to give them a chance to express some of them and make sure I was addressing some stuff that is right where they are living.

So what would you have asked? Seriously, I would love to know what you would have asked, I may even add one of yours to the series. I will call it a blog bonus question.


At 9:52 PM, Blogger Rob said...

I'd love your take on this question: Can you lose your salvation? If you think not, could you lose it if you renouce your belief in God? I've heard it debated on all sides, but I've never really heard an answer that I could truly believe and justify. Sorry if it's a little "kiddish", but it's something that never really been settled with me. Growing up Baptist, then to a non-dom college, then to Missionary you can imagine, none of those think the same way. So, that's my with it what you wish.

2nd question: Do you think Milton Bradley will push your Cubbies over the top, or will he blow up your clubhouse?

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

If Christ was really born of a virgin why is scripture wasted on his lineage? He didn't come from Joseph

If Christ was conceived by a man, would he still be your savior?


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