Sunday, February 08, 2009

Homegoing of a Friend ...

I got word yesterday of a friend and parishioner from a former pastorate had been in an accident and had severe head injuries. I received word just before church tonight that he died. He will continue to give life through organ donations and that fits him perfectly. His name was Kip. I met him when I was a teacher, we taught in the same building, in fact in the same hall of the building. He was brilliant. He was funny. He was a huge basketball fan. He was a true man of God. I later had the honor of being his pastor and he served as church board secretary. He was a great churchman. He will be missed.

He was an english and literature teacher. He truly loved to read and learn. He was a great husband, father and grandfather. I have loved seeing pictures of him with grandchildren, especially ones of him reading to them. He has left a tremendous legacy.

He could multi-task like no one I have ever known. In fact he needed to be focusing on more than one thing at time or he was prone to do intriquing things to entertain himself. I am smiling as I type this and remember some of those times.

He loved the Lord and wanted what was best for his church as well. I loved his thinking as a board member.

His boys are evidence of his love of education and the Lord. One is a lawyer, one a college professor at a Christian College and one is a youth pastor.

Pray for his wife, kids and grandkids. I realize the boys had some tough conversations explaining that grandpa was now with Jesus. But I know that is also a great comfort to know that we will see him again.

I agree with his youngest son that he is probably already organizing a free throw shooting contest in heaven. Odds favor Kip against the field.

You will be missed my friend. Your legacy will live on in your sons and grandchildren. Your influence will continue in those of us who were fortunate enough to have worked, lived and worshipped with you. I will see you again, in the meantime take good notes and keep a hoop open for me.

Pray for his wife and family.


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Ron Davidhizar said...

I agree completely, I and Gayle have been next door neighbors for 21 years, and I have not known anyone better. We have been on those same boards that Denny mentioned and I know of his multi-tasking.
Kip and I have teamed up to coach “D” league soft ball for more than ten years, he was the steadying influence as opposed to my “rush to confrontation” with an umpire or opposing player. I’ll miss him every time we play this year and years to come. Soft ball was one of the areas that I could see Kip’s compassion for his students, as many of them played for us. These students, may have been at the top of their class, or struggled to pass, the most well behaved, or suspended from school, he remembered them and loved them.
He was always there to walk my dog, and get my mail and paper when we were out of town. I can’t honestly think of one thing that he would not have done for me.
I told Gayle last night, we will miss the clanking sound of ball hitting rim, as one of Kip’s past times was to go out and shot around. We would often comment about it, and would have good feelings about our neighbor out enjoying one of his simple pleasures.
I’ll miss him.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger derryprenkert said...

Reading this post this morning was so good for my soul. Thank you for your words and perspective.

Same for Ron's.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Mark Davidhizar said...

I guess I will try to follow what my dad said as best as I can and will probably repeat a few things. I was just up at the church talking with our youth pastor and the thought of summer coming and not hearing him outside my parents house shooting baskets sent chills down my body as I was talking. I have been doing alot of thinking about church league softball as well. Whenever Kip took an at bat, which wasnt very much since he cared more about the teens and other young adults playing more than himself, he always used the same red bat that no one else ever used. And it will probably never be used again but I cant see us getting rid of it. Kip was a great man, a man you could look up to as a role model and a great father figure. I never had Kip as a teacher, but I got to think that for those who did have him, he was a great influence on his students. I will miss not seeing Kip at NorthWood or Bethel Basketball games reading his books. YOu could always tell how good of a game to expect by the number of books that Kip was carrying in his hand into the gym. If he had alot, you shouldnt expect and exciting game, if he had one book, it was going to be a great game to watch. Kip, we will all miss you and look forward to seeing you again.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger boilermade said...

Fitting tribute to an increadible man. I agree with everything that Denny and Ron have stated.

In addition to serving beside KIP for years on the same church board and other church leadership roles , I also had the opportunity to have him as a teacher both in school and in church and he was certainly amoung the best at both on the planet.

KIP was a softspoken man of great insights who lived life LARGE. He spoke the love of God in everything he did..that right did! Many people talk the talk but for KIP his walk spoke much louder then his talk.

One of the many areas in my life that KIP has been ian inspiration to me has been his love for his wife. I'm going to miss watching them walking pass my house


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