Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Night ...

Yesterday afternoon and evening were outstanding. I took the afternoon and evening off and the wife and I headed toward South Bend. We had time alone as we traveled, though my wife did nap for quite a bit of the trip (she deserved the rest). We met our oldest daughter for a couple of hours at a bookstore/coffee shop. Great time to converse with her and hear how things are going in her life. Then we headed to Notre Dame to meet some great friends, eat and watch Notre Dame men's basketball team get beat by Marquette. You may have seen us on ESPN last night, I had a red sweater on and we sat under the basket by Notre Dame's bench. Now you remember right?

The atmosphere was really great (church ought to be more like that) even if Notre Dame lost. It was great to catch up with friends we don't see often enough. It was great to spend 10 uninterrupted (sort of) hours with my wife.

To my fantasy baseball buddy, thanks for setting it up.

Now back to reality and a full day and evening.


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