Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Solo Act ...

My wife left this morning for a 5 day getaway with 3 other friends. Some fun in the sun and to just get away and relax. She deserves it and I am thrilled for her. But I am not near as good as a solo act. I know that the next few days I will not sleep as well and will stumble through a few things in which she would normally help. That is not whining just being honest. Even worse is the fact that she will be in a place where the cell phone doesn't work, so we will go 5 days without talking. That is a killer. Normally whenever we are apart, no matter which of us is gone, we talk everyday. After more than 33 years it is difficult to not talk with her each day.

I will have plenty to do to keep me busy, but it will not be the same.

Here's hoping the love of my life has a great time. That she relaxes a bunch, laughs a lot and misses me some.

I wonder what movie is showing at midnight?


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

Somehow I feel you are missing the whole concept of cigars, cards and beer night. Okay, you're a pastor and it is diet coke, rook and snickers, but I think you get the idea. Come on Dennis, man up a bit and enjoy the quiet time!


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