Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was not a stand out day, but did have good moments. Saturday night we had a Valentine's meal and showed the movie Fireproof. We offered a meal, the movie and child care for $10 and made it free for any firefighter. We had 70 or 80 in attendance, with about 40% from outside our church. The meal was good and the movie was very good. We are also offering some small groups that follow up with the Love Dare that the movie was based around.

Sunday morning we some really good discusssions in my Sunday School class as we have continued to look at where we might be missing the point in our church regarding needs in our community. We have really been vulnerable and open during this study. I have loved it.

My stomach decided to have a party Sunday morning, the ensuing chaos made for a stressful morning. Running to restroom just before Sunday School, running their between Sunday School and worship, running their again during singing in Worship and then worrying about while preaching. (Aren't you glad I shared?) Music was a little off, not sure why, just how it seemed to me. Maybe it was because our attendance was the lowest it had been in quite a while. Not sure why, other than a little illness and some traveling. Also some evidently substituted attending the Saturday evening event for Sunday morning. I really think the smaller attendance had an impact, when you look around and see that many extra empty seats it messes with your head at times, for those upfront and those in the seats.

I believe the message went okay. The big point was that the greatest place for "Whatever Living" (current series) is where love never fails right out of I Corinthians 13:8. We looked how that is evidenced and where we need to show it. This is a tough concept and not possible on our own, but only through the love of Christ. We must be stubborn in our love (persevere is the proper term, but I think we can relate better to the concept of being stubborn) and not giving up. Love is more choice than feeling. So I asked "How are you expressing your choices?" and "Are your expressions truly reflecting what you claim are your choices?"

How are you doing in this area?

Have a great week expressing love to someone who needs to know that you are not giving up on them.


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