Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Musings ...

I didn't quite make it in time to make this the normal Monday Morning Musings, as I stayed in bed longer trying to recover from a very devastating cold. The cold made yesterday very difficult. I was interrupted by coughing every other sentence during Sunday School. I asked the class to pray for worship, I tried not to sing during that part of worship and the Lord really helped as I did not cough at all until I finished.

Yesterday was a very good day. There was a tremendous spirit in the service and the singing was lively. We began a new series on relationships that will go through Father's Day. My wife helped preach the sermon and she did a wonderful job. Even though she went longer than she had told me she would take. I anticipated this and adjusted my part of the message. The series is titled "Yes You Can ... Have Healthy Relationships". Each week will deal with a principle for healthy relationships. Yesterday was on encouragement, with special emphasis on "building others up" especially with our words. This is so important because so few people get encouragement from anyone.

Our attendance was outstanding and a pleasant surprise. My wife and I had a special unexpected blessing as our oldest daughter was able to be with us for Mother's Day. That was great, even though I didn't get to enjoy it too much as I crashed as soon I finished eating lunch.

Here's hoping that you will find someone to encourage today.


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