Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My wife has had several Mother's Days in which to be honored. Over 30 of them in fact, and with each passing year I realize more and more how special her role of Mom, and now Grandma, is and was. She was so good when our children were still at home. She did so much to help mold them and yet to allow them to be the unique individuals that God created them to be. Nearly all of those years she was a stay at home Mom. Yesterday I read an article which said that according to the roles a Mom fulfills and the average pay in the workforce for those roles, a stay at home Mom is worth nearly $117,000 a year. Wow! Honey, I think I owe you more than I realized.

But of course a Mom's roles and influence cannot be fully measured in dollars and cents. This goes double for my wife. She did so much more than just fulfill the roles expected, she always went above and beyond. Often times this was not done in any way that brought her any attention, but rather helped develop and bring attention to her children. This is evidenced in many ways, one of which is the number of advice seeking calls she still gets today from our children, though they are on their own adults.

She loves the Grandma role and cherishes each moment that she gets to spend with them. She has driven 12 hours each way to spend a couple of days with them and sometimes to help out our children. I know that she wishes she could see them more often than she is able to, but they are always close in her heart, mind and especially in her prayers.

I know that she doesn't always feel this way, but she was, and is, a great Mom. She has sacrificed much through the years for her children, and her husband but that is for another post, and never flinched at any of the sacrifices.

This year I purchased a lilac bush for her. Don't worry about the surprise she will see the bush before she sees this post. She loves lilacs, so I got a bush and will plant it in the location of her choice. My hope is that she will enjoy it, the wonderful aroma of its blooms and the beauty of the lilacs themselves, and that each time she looks at it or enjoys its smells that she will be reminded of how much she is loved.

I know that it is not anywhere near $117,000, but it is given with great admiration and love.

Happy Mother's Day, I love you!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Hot Flash MaMa said...

Thank you honey. You are an awesome husband and dad. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for being the spiritual leader you are.


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