Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

This is a different Monday Morning because I didn't preach yesterday but I was at my church. We began Revival Services yesterday, so I had the rare chance to attend my church and not preach. It felt weird, but it was a chance to relax a bit. It has been a while since I went 2 consecutive Sundays without preaching (remember I was on vacation last Sunday).

The service went okay, the style of the Revival ministers is different from our normal style but that can be a good thing occasionally. We had reasonable attendance given all of the other happenings this weekend and our attendance in the evening was very good.

My wife and I took the evangelists, both of them lead in the music and but only one of them preaches, out to lunch yesterday. We are familiar with them, but it was really good to spend some casual time with them. I wish everyone had that chance so they could really hear their hearts and see them as "regular folks", there just isn't time for that opportunity.

We have services for the next 3 evenings as well. We are really praying for some real depth of impact among our own people. That is what will really prompt us to keep growing in our relationship with Christ and to continue to have the compassion to keep making a difference in our community.

It is different, and sometimes difficult, to sit through so many services without preaching in any of them, but I am really asking God to speak to me in a special way this week.

Here's hoping you realize how much you are loved by God this week.

What is with the weather? After temps in the 70's we might get some snow flurries and the low will 31 tomorrow? That is just wrong.


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