Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

Yesterday was a difficult day with many blessings. The blessings were the spirit we had in both our morning and evening services. This was a welcome time given the stresses of the week and Sunday itself. This past week we many who had accidents, physical scares and difficult days. We had a concussion from a roll-over accident, a broken wrist from a fall in the snow, a broken foot from sports, a heart related scare and the loss of a loved one all within 4 days. That was on top of many, many, many people who are sick from flu like symptoms.

One of the difficult aspects of the day was that we only had 2 of our band members present and one of them was leading worship because our worship leader was still gone. We had the worst morning attendance we have had in a long time and the worst evening attendance since I have been here. This was due to spring break travel, much illness and the aformentioned accidents.

Then we lost power to our platform lights, our projectors and music sound while my wife was singing a special song just before the message. She persevered and just finished the song accapella, it sounded great and I think actually added to the message of the song. The song was about God's faithfulness and the sound and light glitches seemed act as an illustration that no matter what God is still God.

We had a powerful time of prayer during the service. A man had asked to be annointed and prayed for, then I opened it up to anyone else who wanted to be annointed and another 6 or 7 people came forward. It was a very moving time in the service.

God is still God through low attendance, accidents, power failures and spring break. Here's hoping you get a reminder today that God is still where you are and that he cares for you.


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