Saturday, March 22, 2008

Remarkable ...

The past couple of days have been remarkable. I am tied for first in our family NCAA bracket challenge. My co-leader is my oldest grandson, when did he get so smart? Of course this is just after days, but hey I better brag while I can. Then yesterday afternoon it began snowing, remember that is on Good Friday, and it didn't stop until there was about 6 inches this morning. Did I mention it was Good Friday, March 21? That stinks!

Can't wait to see and feel what takes place on Easter Sunday. My expectations are high and low. They are high for some of the things planned and for God to do a "God Thing" among us. The drama is going to be awesome! I am nervous about preaching. I have been feeling increasinly lousy all week, so I am concerned about my part. It just means I must depend upon God completely, I should do that every week, but sometimes I try it on my own. Which never turns out well. My low expectation is concerning attendance. We have a lot of regular attenders who are out of town and now with the snow and cold I am concerned that others will use it as an excuse to do stay home. But I can't do much more about that now, just leave it to the Lord and minister like crazy to those who do come.

Here's hoping you get to experience a couple of remarkable days of your own, minus the snow of course.


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